Thursday, May 27, 2010

WAR DOGS-- Still wanted. Your Dog Jokes.

There's no joke about war. Dogs have been used in combat in every war since WWI. They've been used to detect mines, as sentries, scouts, messengers, pack and sled dogs. Check out this link for more.
These dogs have no idea of the politics involved in war. They just did their duties as ordered. Only dogs and horses have shown their worth in battle. Tomorrow I hope to pick out a specific dog or two and give you a little bit of their stories.
As Memorial Day nears, remember, no matter how you feel about war, our soldiers need your support-- even our four-legged soldiers. They made a sacrifice for us.

I'm still looking for dog jokes. Come on guys! Give me a joke or two just so I know someone is reading. IT'S YOUR DUTY!

1 comment:

  1. A dog's promise.
    I will not chew the wall. Bills to be paid; papers; remote control; cardboard, any type of cardboard; pull on the loose string on the carpet, kitchen cabinets; food left within reach on the couch; the mini-human's *full* bottle even though it conveniently fell in front of me from the crib; couch; sofa cushions; paperbacks, photo albums. Run under a bed after grabbing all of these and refuse to come out.
    "Edited" from the Dog's Chalkboard.