Friday, May 14, 2010

The Truth About Puppy Mills-- My Soapbox-- Adopt a Pet in Need and finally... Execution of Animals in the Middle Ages-- True!


I seem to be on a soapbox this week. Ranting and complaining.

Which reminds me of Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park in London. People use soapboxes, and other boxes presumably to stand on and deliver speeches. Speaker's Corner is near the site of where the gallows used to be in London. People used to be able to give their speeches-- last words if you will, on the gallows. Marx and Lenin used to speak there as did George Orwell and others. So, watch my brilliance here... I tie this in with a cheery little tale about the public execution of animals during the Middle Ages. Yes, if an ox gores a man and kills him; a dog kills a man; or a pig eats its young-- they were tried and executed, sometimes by hanging. Ah, only man could be so enlightened.

So, up I hop on my soapbox. I recently saw an expose on puppy mills. They are far worse than you think. Not only are the conditions for the dogs deplorable, and animals who do not produce well are destroyed. Come on, this is pure greed. There are no second chances for these dogs. The puppies that result are often prone to genetic problems. I am no PETA person, nor am I blind to the sufferings of my fellow man, but where one can alleviate needless suffering it's incumbent to do so. We rescued a puppy mill Scottie. He died before his time with a spinal problem that may have been genetic. He was a runt. We loved him-- though Scotties do have a mind of their own. He was willful to say the least.

Which brings me to the "Dog of the Week" at the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Adopt.
Check out Kipper for one.

Finally, we still have a contest going. Well, I am running a contest even if no one enters. Apparently I will be buying my own dog something with the money I save. There I go again, ranting. I will also make my PBS (poor boy speech) to many of you personally asking you to read and spread the word about this site. Yes, again. Thanks to all of you who have already helped. I think we have an interesting tale to tell about dogs and canines. I want to keep doing it so spread the word.

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