Friday, May 7, 2010

Does Anyone Still Read? Dog for Adoption. TGIF. The Dog Chronicles.

Have all you dog lovers out there read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein? This has to be the best modern dog book I have read. It doesn't go for the cheap sentiments, and is very well written. The dog, Enzo is hilarious, and very wise. Enzo says George Clooney looks like him, especially around the eyes. Racing in the Rain isn't just a piece of disposal fluff, soon to be forgotten. It is moving and fast-paced. The racing sections have a kind of zen quality. This book came to me from my daughter who had it passed on to her. I sent it to my mom for Christmas and she loved it and passed it on.
If you want your own copy, it's available all over, Amazon is good source since they sponsor me, and you can't help but stumble over it at Costco. Check it out.

I have wanted to talk about dog books for awhile now, at least books that feature dogs in significant roles. Most people know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles, a Sherlock Holmes novel. Doyle had a knack for building an unseen threat into something very real. The legend of the hound in this book plays a more important role than the hound itself. It is a novel of greed and fear. The darkness of the moor and the legend combine to create a thrilling mystery.
Doyle used dogs in other stories, usually as tracking animals. I believe it is The Sign of the Four that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson spend an evening following behind a hound on the scent. Believe it or not, the outcome ends up being pretty funny.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte uses dogs early on in this novel to set the tone. For those of you who know about Bronte's book, you know what an eerie tone those dogs set. This is a novel that shouldn't be missed. It is fascinating, and very strange.

While I will certainly touch on literature featuring dogs again, I can't help but mention a little-known book by the author of The 39 Steps. John Buchan's Prester John, a short adventure novel that takes place in South Africa, has a great dog character in it. The animal is huge and fierce, and loyal to the hero to the death. It's a great story and for adventure fans, Buchan's novels are rip-roaring tales of danger and intrigue.

Finally, let's get this dog adopted. Last week, a dog I mentioned here and on Facebook found a home. Let's place this one.

Brandy's Details

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Name: Brandy Animal ID#: 73589

Type: Dog Breed: Chihuahua/Mix

Primary color: Cream

Gender: Female Age: 9 Mo (approx) Weight: 7.75

Location: Adoption Suites


Hi! My name is Brandy. I'm a sweet lady looking for a warm lap and a loving home to call my own. I'm shy of new people and places at first, so I hope that you'll be patient and give me time to adjust. I seem to feel braver when I have a 4-legged friend with me so I hope I can find a home where I have a big brother or sister to show me the ropes. Can I join your family? Please come to HSSV to meet me today!

The Humane Society Silicon Valley's Website is a little messed up right now. For info on Brandy, or any of the other dogs (and yes, even cats) that are up for adoption, phone 408-262-2133.

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