Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chinese Using Cats in Dog Food? That's Not the Worst!

The story posted here yesterday about the possibility of Chinese pet food manufacturers using cats in their dog food just gets worse. According to a Chinese refugee, Oh Mai, now living in Poland, the pet food companies in his home country include any animal unlucky enough to die or move too slow to escape. Bands of animal "herders" that roam the cities near the plants pick up the unfortunate victims.
"They use cats, dogs, rats, mice, and donkeys. I've even seen a bear parts ground up and put into the food," says Oh Mai. "All these animals are turned in for a few pennies."
An anonymous source in the U.S. Government says it wouldn't surprise him. "Melamine is just the tip of the ice berg," he says. "You don't want to be a source of meat over there. You might get scooped up and added to the mix. Luckily I don't think most of this dog food makes its way to the States. Most is used in Eastern European countries."
Nonetheless, one small store in Chicago, run by a Bulgarian immigrant, was selling dog food made by the Ping E. Lee Company, named yesterday in this blog as one of the users of cat parts in its kibble. There's no telling how many small stores carry this food in the U.S.
In China, the Ping E. Lee pet food name translated into English is, believe it or not, "Little Peppy Puppy Dog Delights." Some delight.
What can you do about this abomination?
Refuse to buy dog foods produced by the P.E. Lee Company. Be sure your dog food is made of wholesome ingredients. Post this story so your friends will know.
Finally, protest this mistreatment of animals.
We need to spread the word.

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