Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chinese Pet Food Company Admits to Using Cats in Its Dog Food Formula-- But Only Dead Cats

The Chinese pet food manufacturer, Ping E. Lee admits it uses cats in its dog food formula, but only dead cats. Dead and dying animals are used all the time in pet foods, even in the U.S. They are considered unfit for human consumption. But cat meat is not used here. P.E. Lee also admits to using dog meat in its pet food. The company claims it does not use rodents though-- even dead ones.
Critics aren't too sure though.
In related news, three Americans belonging to HCAFET (Hold China Accountable for Ecological Terrorism) are missing near the P.E. Lee Company plant in Foo, a town about 50 miles from Benjii. The Americans, two Chinese immigrants to the U.S., Dan Chang and Melody Eng, and student Manuel Cant haven't been seen in over a week. Friends and relatives in the United States and China fear for their safety. The activists were investigating the Ping E. Lee Company and other firms in China suspected of ecological irresponsibility.
The Chinese government claims no knowledge of the whereabouts of the activists. State Department officials have so far only been able to discover that Cant, Chang and Eng were due in Hong Kong a week ago and never arrived.
Two Chinese dissidents protesting the Ping E. Lee's policies disappeared last year and have yet to resurface. Some unnamed sources within the dissident community in China claim that the Ping E. Lee Co. may have even murdered those missing persons and destroyed their bodies. Rumors claim that the Lee Co. is not above using any and all sources of meat in their pet foods, including human meat.
Both the government and the Lee Co. deny these charges. They claim that Chinese dissidents are constantly going underground to avoid prosecution on various criminal charges, and that often these missing persons surface unharmed later. The Lee Co. and the Chinese government does not give any examples of missing persons who have resurfaced. Chinese officials are usually silent about the fates of dissidents within China, whether the dissidents are Chinese or not.
U.S. State Dept. officials continue to make inquiries about the missing Americans, but note that such inquiries can take weeks or even months before they bear fruit.
In the meantime you can help by reposting these articles and demanding information from the Chinese about the fate of the three Americans. It's time to take a stand.

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