Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are the Chinese Using Cats for Dog Food? Protest! Do Dogs Have Souls Response.

There are unsubstantiated reports from China that say certain manufacturers there are using cats in their dog food formulas. Jack Landis, of the ACLS (American Cat Lovers Society) states that rumors claim the Ping E. Lee Pet Food Company has started adding cats to it's kibble.
"After the Olympics," says Landis, "the eating of cats has thankfully become less common. But now those same cats are being used for pet food. It's despicable."
In the past, China has been guilty of using melamine in its pet foods. Some of those foods have found their way onto American supermarket shelves. Let's hope this is just a hoax. If not, we should all protest by refusing to use cat-based dog foods.

Leah Ueki Fowler weighs in on whether dogs have souls or not. She says, "Dogs have souls!!! They love, forgive, protect. How could they not have souls?"

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  1. A more unreliable source you could not find. Jack Landis doesn't know jack.