Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Poem-- More Boxes-- Our Reason for Being. The Dog Chronicles.

Come all ye dog-headed saints
Come curs and hellhounds
Wolves and whelps
Come Gentle dames and sires
Three-headed dogs of all ilks

Come snap and snarl
Growl and glower
Come whimper and wail
and howl at the moon

Spread fear and tremble for miles about
Spread fear and tremble
and roam through the gloom

To see more boxes like these check out the Cigar History Museum. Link at the right. Thanks again Tony.

As to our reason for being... It all started with a picture of my dog in space. It's a picture my daughter Lauren and I photo-shopped years ago. I thought this was an excellent idea for a website-- photo-shopped pics of dogs in odd situations. I decided to start a blog without much of a plan other than a picture of my dog on the moon. Brad, Lauren's husband, then sent a picture of his chihuahua mix Moo in space. We were off and running.
One of my first post told about a dog my wife and I watched jump by himself into the funicular in Capri and ride to the top of the hill. We shared our car with just this dog. Obviously the animal used the funicular often enough to know to ride from one part of the isle to another where there were perhaps better pickings. How did the dog ever learn? What got into its head? Obviously dogs have ideas. There's probably a million stories like that one about dogs. Does that limit my posts?
I mention The Were Wolf, I launch into nostalgia. The same with Buster Brown shoes. All I am required to do at present is start canine to keep to the theme. I DO NOT DO CUTE PUPPIES! Not to say we don't have cute puppy pictures from time to time or that cute puppy sites are bad. Certainly they get more traffic than this site for the time being. But I wanted to create a site with content. That tackled history, celebrity, politics perhaps, art and literature, and the ideas that get into dogs' heads. I have no expertise in dog training or breeds but I do have a million ideas. But I want to hear from readers as well. I want photos, stories, articles, ideas, and original cartoons. And I need readers.
If you like anything that appears here, please pass it on to your friends.

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