Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A real contest with a real prize. Send me a photo (2) of your dog so I can put it up here, and your dogs name. (In case of duplicate names, dogs will be listed by name and number received-- such as Rover and Rover 1, Rover 2, etc.) In 25 words or less tell me what's so cool about your dog (no cats please) and I will post one of the two photos here. Readers will vote on the pet they like best and then that dog will win a prize.

Here's the rules: Send two photos of your pet and a brief description 25 words or less of what's so special about your dog. Then, so your friends will vote, send the link to this website to three friends telling them about the contest. If you sign up as a follower of this site, you don't have to email your friends. Vote either on the website or by email. All entries must be submitted by May 22, 2010. Voting will end by May 25, 2010.
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What's the prize? A dog toy and some treats. It will be sent to your house. Hey, this site is non-profit so far, wish I could send more.
Here's the fine print in real fine print.
Only one vote per email address. Sorry, but family you can send your photos but you can't win. Let's be fair. I'm not responsible for computer glitches or lost votes. You'll just have to trust me. Ties will be broken via a run-off. You must provide either a copy of the three emails or the subject lines of the three emails to your friends telling them about the site. Entries sent after midnight, May 22, 2010 will not be accepted. That's Pacific time folks. This is a start-up site. I will send a prize quickly, but no lawyer stuff please. I'm gonna be fair.
The prize will consist of a nice dog toy that will be squeaky when it mails, perhaps not squeaky when it gets to you. Also some sealed dog treats. No, I'm not sure how much it will all cost, but it will seem like a million bucks to your dog!

I'm gonna start it off with a picture of my dog (who is not elgible) just so you get the idea.

Lulu was a pound puppy, totally spooked when we got her. Now she seems to be smiling more times than not.

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