Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chihuahuas! Every Girl Must Have One!

Chihuahuas-- A Fashion must!
Oops. They are not disposable. Can you believe Paris Hilton has exiled her's to live with her parents. Caring for another living thing is such a bother. Got to feed them, in her case, clothe them... Does this sound familiar?
Like yesterday's post concerning pit bulls, chihuahuas are yesterday's news. The shelters are full of chihuahuas and chihuahua mix dogs.
What do we do when we don't feel like dealing with our dogs, send them to the shelters. At least Paris' pet is getting what I presume to be the best care.

I'm going to run the pics of the chihuahua and chihuahua mix dogs at the Peninsula
Humane Society.

 To adopt one of the dogs, phone 650 340-7022x--336.

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