Monday, May 10, 2010


Yes, Pit Bull! Feeling a bit "down." Try Pit Bull, the new, all natural male enhancement product released by I.R. Responsible. Are you a weakling when it comes to girls? Does your self-confidence and your physical stamina let you down? Try Pit Bull and feel like a "BIG" man. Imagine how your friends will marvel when you take your Pit Bull down to the public park and let it loose. Watch as the women swoon and the men clear a path for you. And Pit Bull requires no obligation from you. If you don't like it, just return it for a full refund. No harm done.
The girls will love you.
In just minutes, your Pit Bull will make your stronger, more handsomer, and irresistible.

Use it daily for that "BIG" manly-man feeling.

IN THE MEANTIME, back at the shelter, pit bulls go begging for owners. Pit bulls require a lot of time and effort. No matter what anyone says, they can be dangerous if they don't receive the love and care they deserve. But some folks just don't get it. A big "dog" doesn't make a man. All these dogs below are in the Humane Society Silicon Valley shelter. Some hot shots probably turned them in after deciding they didn't want to care for these living creatures anymore. Maybe the dog was too much for them. Maybe they didn't want anything but a symbol of their virility. WELL DOGS AREN'T SYMBOLS! For more info on the dogs below, phone 408-262-2133.

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