Saturday, May 8, 2010

NEW GAME! DOGVILLA! Be afraid. Be very afraid! Happy Mother's Day

I just thought I was doing what I was supposed to. I signed up for this computer game-- Dogvilla. The ad said I would receive emails from my friends. So I signed up. Suddenly I got a kennel to tend. Okay. No problem. I got a dog, and a kennel, and a dog house. Then my friend sends me a puppy. Nice. I want a puppy to go with my dog. I sent you a puppy. Will you send me something nice? I clicked on the return gift. Then I got a dog toy from a friend. So I sent a dog toy back. Next thing you know, my friend needs me to feed his dogs next door. Okay, no problem. Come feed my dogs please. So I feed my dog. (My real dog has no water in his bowl. Wait dog! I will get to you after I got to my friend's dog.) Suddenly I got puppies. No one told me my online dog was preggers. So, I am sweating now. I'm starting to get where this goes. I feed the next door friend's dog, I feed the puppies, I feed the dog, I send a dog toy, I take the dogs to the vets. I need a Great Dane-- my friend says. I send them a Great Dane. They send me a mastiff. Did I forget the friend who asked me to feed his dogs? I get there and there's a million dogs? Another friend sends me a whole family of collies. Send me a collie family back won't you? Little pink hearts start appearing over the heads of my dogs when they're about to have puppies. I need a bigger kennel. The dog house is too small. Have a dog toy. Have some dog food. Have some dog treats. Will you please send me something nice back? I get a wolf pack. And a naturalist to study them. I got to house the naturalist. I get a fox and a hen house. I get coyotes. I get a chihuahua. An African Monkey dog. My friend wants me to house sit his dog. My own real-life dog still has no water. Wait a minute will you-- quit whining. The kennel is littered with dog toys. The dog house is too small. The puppies need more mom dogs. Will you send me a dog biscuit? I'm building a pet hotel. Here's a herd of poodles. My wife comes home. Did you go through the checking account statement online? What is she crazy. My friend needs me to feed his dogs. I got to find a new vet. Our real dog has been whining all day-- wait, it's six at night.

Kind of sounds like being a mom doesn't it?

Happy Mother's Day. Can you send me a puppy?

Adopt. This is Brandy at the right. The Humane Society Silicon Valley has Brandy or another dog in need.
Phone 408-262-2133.

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  1. LOL!!! That is funny!! Scary, huh. By the way thank you for the kibble.