Friday, March 22, 2013

MAJOR PROBLEM PLAGUES THE DOG WORLD! Your dogs are being cheated by poorly-made squeakers.

Breast implants!

So, you bring home a dog toy for your best friend, little Rover, and before you know it, the squeaker in the toy is broken. How is this fair? The booming dog toy industry is making a fortune off you and your pet by placing poorly-made squeakers in dog squeaky toys. 
Is this your dog after his hard-earned squeaky toy breaks?
Ms. Van Peltz.
A victim of greedy dog toy makers.

Fight back! Mona Van Peltz, a former victim of poorly-made inflatable breast inserts, has started the group, Keep Our Squeakies Squeaking (KOSS) to fight this crippling problem.
Ms. Van Peltz is tried of being ripped off for dog toys and think you should be too. Please join her by sending in your donations, any amount is welcome, to the author of this blog. Remember, make your check out to KOSS--Frank Criscenti. Someday we will no longer be afflicted by non-operational squeakers. Do it today so we can end this problem ASAP.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I've been gone awhile. So, I want to post something. You will get gripes, kudos, maybe something humorous, and perhaps an almost unrelated dream or two.
We had granddaughter and grand-dog care this last week. Always fun. The pictures here are Lulu. Xena, a black, long-haired retriever, a large medium-sized dog if you will (50 or 60 lbs) was staying here. She is cuddly, friendly, and really wants to be a lap dog. She is pretty gentle if a tad clumsy. 
We have a decent sized back yard for a dog or two. There's a gentle hill behind us, critters, and bushes to run through and dirt to dig in. The dogs run up the hill to bark at the dogs on the other side of the fence, run back down the hill to bark at the people who are irresponsible enough to walk on the public street, and back up the hill to bark at any squirrel, blue jay, or chickadee that dares enter their yard.
Inside, our house is long. Running from our back bedroom to the front window to bark is a mad dash, running down the hall, a slide on our poor hard wood floors and either a look under the picture windows at the side of the living room, or as you see here, a look, bark, and whine at the walkers. I might mention, there are a lot a dog things to stare at out the windows. Those dog walkers, joggers and walkers, bicycle riders, an occasional horse and rider, cats, birds, skunks, and possums.
You know what, I love the sound of the galloping through the house. I love yard patrol those dogs put in. In no way am I a fan of the digging, but well, they are dogs.

I will tackle pit bulls once again. For any fans of these dogs, I have caved a little. You want a pit bull, feel free. They are not my particular favorites. They are overbred. Too many get sent to the pounds. And, while I see pit bulls and interact with them personally fine, professionally they are a pain in the ass. Let me explain this. I was a mailman for a good many years. I did not tolerate loose pits. I don't trust them. Don't now. Never will. And a pit bull that gets loose, whether it is when the owner opens his front door, or when the dog escapes a fenced yard or garage, they are not under an owner's control. I hate that, and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, pit owners have a duty to protect the public from their dogs from really injuring someone. Many pit bull owners think they can allow their dogs to roam without controls. Technically that is true as long as the dog is in a fenced yard or in the house, but hey, pit bull owners, once you open your door, once that dog jumps or digs out under a fence, you are not in control of the dog.

I will guarantee you that every day this happens to a mail carrier in the U.S. He or she comes to the door with a package or letter to be signed. The customer brings their barking dog to the door (it's worse if the dog doesn't bark, much scarier) the door opens and there is a dog going crazy right at the carrier's feet, The carrier changes first white, then red, and then he or she starts chewing out the customer. If it is a pit bull that charges out the door, the carrier could be in trouble. If it is a girl scout selling cookies...

Sorry guys, I will never be a fan of these dogs. I feel sorry that any dog suffers mistreatment. In this situation though, I fear people still don't care to understand the danger. If you are one of those great pit owners, sorry to offend. You are doing a great job, but realize, no matter what, the best dog is still at heart an animal with instincts. 
Again, if your pit is sweet as pie and would not hurt a flea, God bless your great work. But I would never have a pit or pit mix around my grandchildren.

Finally, through the years I have had this dream several times. I think I had it just the other night. We raised chickens for awhile when the kids were little. The raccoons got them I think. Anyway, I dream that we are keeping chickens again, or other birds, and sometimes other small animals. I dream that either I, or some other person has not fed these birds for months at a time. They are living in a big coop, and while sometimes in the dream I find some dead creatures, most are living still--kept going by poking around through the scattered seeds they make such a mess with during the good times, when they were being fed.

Most of the time I get my dreams. When I used to dream I was crawling on a path in Yosemite, I knew it was because of my back injury and my fear that it might cripple me. 
Now, last night I dreamed I lost a very personal piece of human equipment. Yes, I mean personal, like it had been cut off and it was in my pocket. Freud would have a field day with that one I suppose. I sure as hell hope that will not be a recurring dream.
Peace all. Remember, area shelters have a lot of dogs. If they don't have the one you want one day, try going a different day. Try going to a different shelter. Also there are great organizations like Baja S.A.F.E. run by great people like Isabelle Ann Tiberghien. 

If you see a dog you like on her site, you may be able to adopt that dog and have it sent on to you.
They can always use donations as well. It is safe and easy to donate to these guys.