Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is my granddaughter, Anika. She's not even 16, yet she's already gone on a mission to Mexico to build homes for the poor, she used to give up free time in elementary school to help out with mentally challenged kids, and she is now fostering a dog that was afflicted with parvo virus. I'm incredibly proud of her. She's given a lot of time trying to make the world better for others. For a kid her age, it's a great effort. It takes time and especially love. Love works miracles.
Here's Blue, her foster dog now, hopefully recovering from the illness and soon to move on to a family that will love him.
I'm amazed at the effort people

expend to help out.
Isabelle Ann Tiberghien runs the organization BAJA S.A.F.E. She rescues dogs left for dead in Baja, Mexico. Mexico is a haven for those who run puppy mills, and the practice of spaying/neutering would be nearly unheard of if not for Isabelle. I expect there are times she must feel that she is running up against a brick wall, nevertheless, she carries on, making a difference. Naturally, BAJA S.A.F.E. needs your help. The dogs they rescue are adopted out to good families, and that costs money. They have a page on Facebook. Pass it on. Any exposure helps.
I have a point in mentioning these two individuals in this blog.
You don't have to donate all the time and effort that Isabelle gives to her organization to help improve this world. You don't have to go on a mission to Mexico. We can all help make our world better just giving a minute of time here and there. Maybe it's a matter of leaning down, getting at eye level with a child and encouraging him or her. Or perhaps, next time you visit someone in an assisted-living facility, you can chat in a public area and include another person who is lonely.
There's a million different ways to help the "strays" in our society. It just takes a little awareness, some patience, and a commitment to create a better world.
As I mentioned, I'm amazed at how giving people can be. I have friends on Facebook who go out of their way to help others everyday. I won't mention names because I know these people aren't looking to be lauded. One friend of mine is helping put her godchild through college. I was amazed to hear that, but I shouldn't be. This person knew me when I was young and, let's say in need of someone who cared. You know what, she has been in my corner ever since.
Another friend of mine from Facebook works with mentally challenged children. Her lap is always at the ready to offer some love and affection. It's not in her job description, but it is in her heart.
Whether it's helping out animals in need, people in need, or the environment, it is just a matter of a minute or two sometimes, and a lifelong commitment. We all can make a difference.
Thanks to all those who are trying to make this world a better place.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Before And After: What Sniffing Crack Does to Dogs

Crack sniffing dogs.
What does sniffing crack do to canines? Check these before and after photos.

Spot before.
Spot six months later.

Toughy before.
Toughy one year later.

Rowdy before.
Rowdy two years later.

Moo before.

Moo one year later.

Photos from Flickr: Tim Dorr, Upali, froghmutt, Scott 597, nagfactor, mindnyc, MICHAEL, Riode, Fugly nation. And the Fowlers.

Boo-boo before.

Boo-boo two years later.