Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Blog Is Sticking to Its Guns-- With Apologies to Philip Levine

It's wonderful how I blog
I've got ivory-tower scruples
I will not kow-tow to the lure
of readers who read my every tweek

To the market, I will not bow
I'll not mention Lady Gaga
Sir Elton John
or type with my pudgy fingers

Of X-Men or X-Girls
Of Britney or Living Forever and Ever
Maintaining your beauty
or babies with IQs like Einstein

Oh, I dream of readers
Of steady eyes fastened to the screens
for fear they might miss
The latest greatest story about our Kate

You might think I'll cave
And drum upon the keys the tale
of Casey Anthony
and the Prince of Greece

discovering the fountain of money
or world famous freaks
to hook a reader by his teeth
I write about a dog. Yes. This blog.

With sincere apologies to Philip Levine
Check out his poem
Animals are Passing From Our Lives.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Enjoy the Fourth-- Leave Your Pets Inside

Happy Birthday U.S.A.

We love the Fourth of July. Our pets-- not so much. Remember, most pets get pretty skittish about fireworks. My dog freaks even at the explosions from the display five miles away. A few firecrackers can make life miserable for your pets.

There's more than a few sick humans out there who might hurt your cat or dog with fireworks. Don't let your animal be a victim. Keep them inside as much as possible. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, the explosions start a day or two before the holiday, and last a day or two after.

I just heard a news story last night about a "celebration" a year or so ago at Dolores Park in San Francisco. Someone decided to start tossing M-80s (is that what they're called?) into the crowd. It cost a girl one finger, the use of a couple of others, and countless surgeries. Let's be safe this Fourth. Protect your animals, protect yourself.

Remember, most places bottle rockets, firecrackers, M-80's, etc. are illegal. When you cut your kid loose with a string of firecrackers at the very least it's against the law. It may be dangerous, and it certainly sets a bad example.

Have a safe holiday.