Monday, July 12, 2010


A recording of a phone call is making the circuit in which Mel Gibson verbally abuses his dog.
"You have those fake teats and you are going around mating with all the male dogs in town," Gibson reportedly says in a phone call to his ex-pet.
Gibson could not be reached for a comment, and his publicist will not admit or deny that it is Gibson voice on a phone call to the animal.
In the call, a male voice that sounds like Gibson says, "You are just a bitch in heat. The way you chase around the neighborhood, it'll be your own fault if a bunch of pit bulls get ahold of you."
Gibson was recently accused of kicking his dog during an argument. It's also been reported that Gibson once had a career in motion pictures.

Since the news of his animal cruelty surfaced, friends say Gibson is back in Austrailia, running around in a kilt, painting his face, and repeating lines from the film "Sunset Boulevard."
"It's business as usual for Mel," says an unnamed source. "These unfounded rumors don't affect him in the least."

In related news, there is apparently no truth to the rumor that Nicole Kidman wants to renounce her Austrailian citizenship.

Photo by Flickr, courtesy of Orrin.


  1. You should hear the latest 'real' Mel tape on from today and post again tomorrow. Lots of new material there... though it's a quite a bit more disturbing. What a lunatic.