Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ARE DOGS PSYCHIC? The D- word. Does God want us to learn?

How does my dog know she is going for a walk? We put on our shoes, something we do quite often. We don't say we're going so she can hear, yet she knows. Dogs are quite intuitive.
Same with a bath. My dog hates baths. As soon as we prepare to give her one, she heads the other direction.

Do you have instances of dog ESP? If you do, tell me here.

I apologize to both BAJA SAFE and the Clyde Savage Project for not writing my post about them sooner. I will get to that when I can. This blog takes some modicum of thought. I suffer from bouts of ennui. No, I am not working at the present time. It seems as if I could spend all the time in the world finishing my novel, writing the short story I promised here, curing cancer...

I admit to extreme sloth. Precisely because I am so unproductive, I remain unproductive. Call this a confession. It drives my dear wife crazy. I will not mention the D word. No one wants to hear. Nonetheless my value to myself and others suffers. I am considering taking a class or two, perhaps working toward a degree. Maybe I will finish my novel. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

I try, then I don't.

This is the bane of my condition.

I wish I were a better person. Perhaps if I were to preach to the birds.

Which brings me to my last point. Does God want us to learn? Let us first go on the assumption that there is a God. Yes, I know what this sounds like, but it is sorta my point. Is there a God? Do we really want to know? Oh, I know I am rambling.

Here's the thing. I read a lot. A lot of history. Perhaps I should just read a Bible or the Koran or some other religious text. I question. I doubt. Is just knowing enough? If I could qualify as a scholar, my problems would be solved. An academic. I know everything about something. If I could say that and turn such knowledge into productivity I would be set.

Unfortunately I qualify for a Cliff Claven from Cheers fame degree. A know-it-all who knows nothing about anything anyone cares to hear. Oh, not that it is useless knowledge I have. But to what purpose? I try to qualify for Jeopardy, but can't pass the online test. That's my main skill. I have a wealth of useless knowledge. When I pass perhaps my tombstone will say "He should've been on Jeopardy."

All this hurts.

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