Monday, July 12, 2010


Jessie Jackson has called Mel Gibson's racial slurs "reprehensible and irresponsible."
"He wouldn't have said these things had his ex-girlfriend been a white person."
When Jackson was told Gibson's ex was a Russian woman from the Ukraine, he responded, "See, I told you so. I heard she had big old fake boobies."

In related news, when told Gibson had referred to Chihuahua dogs as "wetback" dogs, Jackson said, "I thought they were 'Hymie' dogs." After learning that the dogs were native to Mexico, Jackson said Chihuahua sounded a lot like Hanukkah. "I sense a conspiracy," he said.

Gibson has been accused of physical assault on Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of one of his children. According to Grigorieva, Gibson on several occasions been violent with her and even knocked out two of her teeth.

Gibson has responded to the allegation by saying that they were only "baby teeth."

Recently the motion picture megastar has been seen running on the beach in Malibu wearing a kilt and shouting "Freedom!"
When asked if he ever called Chihuahua dogs "wetback" dogs, Gibson said, "Not this f---ing Jewish thing again! That's the way it happened okay. God told me so."
The fallout from Gibson's statements are expected to end his career in motion pictures, though sources say Gibson is working on a remake of the classic DeMille film "Birth of a Nation."

When reporters asked Jessie Jackson if he thought the comments would adversely affect Gibson's career, he said, "They wouldn't have treated him that way if he'd been a white man."
One reporter said that Mel Gibson originally came from Australia.
"See, I told you so," said Jackson.

Photo courtesy of Orrin and Flickr.

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