Monday, July 19, 2010

Baja S.A.F.E. Expansion of site.

Baja S.A.F.E. is the brainchild of Isabelle Ann Tiberghien. In San Jose de Cabo, Mexico, Isabelle is fighting to save dogs from the ravages of sickness, over-breeding, and often the utter lack of concern for many dogs. She is taking the sick dogs off the streets and trying to educate the populace as to their care. Make no mistake about it, it is a tough job to run a rescue operation in an area that historically does not spay or neuter the pets, and is in the throes of an even deeper recession than the rest of North America.
For three years, Isabelle has been operating Baja SAFE. Dogs there are often ignored and expected to fend for themselves. Perhaps the alternative is worse.
There are puppy mills in operation but the dogs are not vaccinated. Diseases go untreated. Baja SAFE rescues as many dogs as possible, but some are too sick or wounded to save. It's heartbreaking.
But there is hope as long as Isabelle and the other volunteers are around. Many dogs that are rescued are recovering and being adopted out, not only in Baja, but in the States. It's a great project that deserves our support.
Baja SAFE has a Facebook page with many photos and more info. Check them out.


The website or is expanding. Slowly but surely I am going to provide more content to reward your attention. Thanks for sticking it out all these months with me. We're growing, albeit, slower than I would like, but we are growing. Your support means a lot.

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