Thursday, June 3, 2010


A FarmVille farmer visiting a neighbor's farm was seriously mauled by a dog yesterday. Bobbie Joe Pickney came to her neighbor's farm "just to pull some weeds, fertilize some crops, and feed the chickens" when she was brutally attacked by her neighbor's dog Cuddles. Ms. Pickney said she has visited her neighbor's farm, owned by Joe Bob Snickers many times before without incident.
Since FarmVille has no ambulances, doctors, or hospitals, Ms. Pickney was rushed to the post office in a tractor where the Arborists (tree surgeons) operated for three hours in order to close up her wounds.
Joe Bob Snickers has made no statements regarding the attack and has referred all inquiries to his Facebook lawyers. Ms. Pickney is in serious but "stable" condition at her FV post office.

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