Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Maurice Project-- Pet Cemetery-- Put Me Down! OK, It Ain't Funny To Me

Today, June 25th, 2010 we are launching the "Maurice Project." I'm going to make it as simple as possible to post dogs for adoption on your Facebook page. The Maurice Project seeks to get photos and information about dogs and other animals in need onto pages across the country. If you see a dog in your area that calls out to you, or if you know someone who needs a pet, post it. I'm going to scour the web for sites of shelters that tie into Facebook. A few clicks and some dog will be viewed by everyone you are in contact with on Facebook.

Here's two sites near my hometown and in my current area that make it easy for you to post an animal in need of adoption. Check them out. We can help. It's easy. This is the Humane Society Silicon Valley. They have a Facebook page.

www:// This is the Humane Society & SPCA San Diego. They also have a Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more.

"Here Lies Fluffy
Hit By A Car
Not So Fluffy Anymore"

That is my contribution to pet epitaphs. I have put down a couple of pets unfortunately. Watched them die. Buried birds in the backyard, or turtles, or hamsters. It ain't fun. But we all got to go. Let's face it. Let's face it with some humor. After all, we're all supposed to be headed to a better place.
W.C. Fields epitaph reads something like "I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

Maybe I wish mine would say something like "Temporarily Away from My Desk." I don't know.
The Onion lists a some fictional pet epitaphs.
"Fetch the Stars, Woofer."
"Flattened Too Soon."
"Put Down With Love."
"The Lease Said 'No Pets.'"

If you're going to bury your pet, I suggest you don't do something creepy like the cat grave above.

My dog Maurice died a good death. He suffered from a bad heart. We knew he didn't have long to go, and in the end he hadn't much gas left in his tank. But when he died, he was in our front yard, heading out, to have a run in the neighborhood. Now our dogs don't run wild unless they escape. That was Maurice's intent-- a rebel to the last. He was heading down the driveway, for one last fling. I saw him and called him back and... well, that was it. He died. Right that moment. At the end of the drive, he collapsed and was dead.
"God Bless His Disobedient Little Heart."

Photos courtesy of Flickr. Thanks to agilitynut and Swissrunner.

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