Monday, June 21, 2010

After We Dye the Dog, We'll Shave the Cat. Dog Modification. Wanted-- Your Opinion.

Okay, so it isn't alarming exactly, this return to dyeing our dogs to suit our tastes, but it is rather demeaning, even for a dog. That our pets are so compliant makes it no better. Some folks have taken the idea to extremes-- like the Chinese.

Are the Chinese the new Californians? Now I am a native of the Golden State. I have heard the joke about California being the land of "Fruits and Nuts." Perhaps the Chinese have taken over the "nut" part. Yes, I know I am hard on the Chinese, but you'd think they'd be too busy harvesting human internal organs to engage in such nonsense. Nonetheless, when they're not making poo-poo jokes about their government on Google, or arresting dissidents for wearing their pajamas in public, they waste their time dyeing dogs.

I have a suggestion. The Chinese, and all other dog dyers ought to modify their own appearances and leave their dogs the hell alone.

There is tattooing.
Get a tattoo.
It's easy and available.
Or let's get more extreme.
The Chinese are surely experts in foot binding. Have another run at that.
There are other extreme forms of body modification. How 'bout the wasp-waist of the past?
There is a lady who looks like a cat. Why doesn't some enterprising soul hit the plastic surgeon's office for a chihuahua remodel. That's it. Good money in that. Heard the Taco Bell dog has passed. Also no dubbing necessary in the commercials. Just a testimonial from the Taco Bell Human.
"Si, I like Taco Bell Gorditos."

Jeez, I am so freakin grouchy. Anyway, you know my opinion.
I'm interested in your's. What do you think? Is dyeing your dog harmless, or a waste of time, money and energy?

Photos courtesy of  Lisa G. and Flickr. Also Reuters and a bunch of people who have gone to heaven.

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  1. I saw a picture of Chinese dogs that were changed into realistic looking Pandas.