Saturday, April 17, 2010

Velvet Rat Tails-- Cigar Dogs-- The Dog Chronicles


Very short posting today. Again, I want you guys to take a minute and look at the Cigar History Museum. Tony Hyman has thousands of photos of his collection, and if you don't know about cigar memorabilia, check it out. The artwork is amazing, and the exhibits listed for subject matter. One group of labels alone gives really bad cigar names. A couple of them are Velvet Rat Tail Cigars and Cycho.

Regarding the Buster Brown Cigar label shown yesterday-- Mr. Hyman says it is probably his single most valuable label.

Though I have permission to run photos of some of the cigar labels, for some reason they are written in a code of some sort that my machine will not accept. I was able to get one downloaded and will run it here. And remember, the museum is not run by tobacco companies nor is it meant to hook our youth or oldth on ciggies or stogies. It's a wonderful look back in time.

Sometime next week-- The Wolf Man!

Tonight-- special dinner for the wife made by my own two little paws.

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