Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Dog Needs a Home. Really.

I am going to run a dog for adoption once a week now. Let's put the puppy mills out of existence. Rescue a dog in need.


Animal ID: 72576

Sex: Female

Age: 2Yrs 3Mths 1Wks

German Shepherd mix

Weight: 47.9


Smart, social, and beautiful, I'm the complete package. Because I'm so smart, I have learned all my basic obedience commands. Because I'm so beautiful, the staff and volunteers here love to relax with me and pet me. They seem to enjoy stroking my silky gold and black coat, so I thank them with kisses and soulful looks with my golden eyes. Because I'm so friendly, I hope to meet a family that has another dog at home for me to play with or perhaps arrange for doggie play dates for me if you don't have another dog. Back to the smart thing, the staff and volunteers here keep telling me how smart I am really? Just because I ride calmly in the car, perform sit, down, wait, and look at me? Hah, that nothing I can do more! So HSSV is sponsoring a training package for my new family a free training class at A Dogs Life and a free dog training book. So lets you and I get started on my advanced training, bring a squeaky toy when you come to visit me and ask me to sit before you toss it to me. You are going to be impressed with what you can teach me, see you soon!

 Humane Society Silicon Valley
901 Ames Ave.
Milpitas CA 95035
408- 262-2133x120

I think the HSSV has a You Tube Video of Carly so check it out. Hopefully I will run the link in the future.

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