Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dogs in Space.

This blog is not meant to be just more "cute" dog pictures. I want to celebrate dogs-- make fun of them-- make them art-- tell stories about them. There are plenty of pictures of puppies looking cute. But dogs are more than cute. They are noble, funny, and each has a different personality. This dog rode the Funicula from the bottom of the Isle of Capri to the top. I'm looking for pictures and stories like this. I want to show dogs expressing their wills. Doing their business (no, not in that way.) Please send me dog stories, fiction or non-fiction. Send me dog photos, especially travel photos or photo-shopped photos. I can imagine a dog at political convention, at a great moment in history, etc. I'll print worthy dog stories here, either in full or in serial form. As this forum progresses, surely more ideas will come forward. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks for taking a minute to view this. Frank Criscenti

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