Friday, March 19, 2010

Dog who wouldn't eat waffles-- and vampires Dogs in Space


Tell me what your dogs will not eat.

This bit of fuzz on the right wouldn't eat rice. Wish I had a better picture of Geoffry. He wouldn't eat rice or waffles. Lynn would give him a waffle and he would bury it in the yard. He would pick out individual kernels of rice from his bowl and leave them on the floor. What a pain. I had a dog that would eat pickles. This dog was picky.

I need readers! Help! Please tell your friends. Have them vote in the cartoon dog poll. If I have to resort to vampire dogs to get readers, I will. Here is but a taste of what I will do to get readership. Be afraid, be very afraid.

1 comment:

  1. Vampire Dogs? Now that would petrify me. Zombie dogs,too. Picky eaters? No Vampire and Zombie dogs are definitely carnivores, plenty of meat and blood to go around. Don't think Lauren and Brad's Moo would fit into that category. :)