Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amazing Dog Rescue-- Dogs in Space


Courtesy of the South Texas Call.

March 15, 2010

Dog Rescued From Pot of Frozen Chili

Harvey, Texas

A small dog, frozen six days in a pot of chili was revived yesterday in this Houston suburb. The dog apparently crawled into the chili pot six days earlier when Germaine Shepard left the pot for a few minutes in the garage while she answered the phone. The garage door was open, and Mrs. Shepard noticed nothing odd when she returned to the garage, covered the chili pot then set it in the freezer.

"I was making a huge pot of chili for my sister's baby shower," said Mrs. Shepard, "but I got a call that my sister's husband fell off a ladder and broke his leg. The baby shower was going to be postponed, so I decided to freeze the chili."

Six days later, the baby shower was back on and Mrs. Shepard put the pot back on the stove to thaw the chili out.

Doug Pound, her 13-year-old nephew was helping wrap presents for the shower when he and Mrs. Shepard heard whimpering coming from the kitchen. When the pair went into the kitchen they realized the sounds were coming from the pot. When they looked inside, they found the chihuahua-mix covered with chili and trying to crawl out of the pot.

"Good thing I had the stove on very low," Mrs. Shepard said.

No one can explain why the dog survived the ordeal. Immediately Mrs. Shepard and her nephew rushed the dog to a vet.

"Other than calling it a miracle, I can't explain how this happened," said the vet, Dr. Jim Ross. "He has some minor frostbite on his tail," Dr. Ross said, "but other than that I don't see any other injuries. That's one lucky, miracle dog."

No one has claimed ownership of the animal. "If no one comes for him I'll keep him myself," said Mrs. Shepard. "We already named him Lucky."

Story by Kerry Blue.


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