Saturday, August 3, 2013

So A Blind Dog Walked Into A Bar Leading a Man

So I admit, I always wanted someone to come along and write my blog for me. Now I can do nothing but lie around, like my own dogs, slobbering on the carpet, awaiting dinner, trying to avoid going outside… Oh, wait, I already do that. Thanks to New Zealand's Amanda Edwards for the use of this beautiful poem. Visit her at her website.

the dog carried in his mouth
a rubber ring
an awkward thing

but that was not the strangest sight
his faithful eyes were milky white

“How can he find the ring?” I asked
And his master softly laughed

“I make sure he knows,” he said

bent down to point his blind dog’s head
toward the way that he would throw
and with tail wagging off he sped

the ring jostled by his side
then tumbled to the ground to hide

at first the dog walked round and round
sniffed and sniffed ‘til it was found

then headed off in joyful glee
you would not know he could not see
back eventually he came
sat back down – “more … more … the same”

every muscle was a quiver
he knew his master would deliver

And I?
I cried inside as I stood there
watching this devoted pair

For love that binds a man with dog
is surely love that comes from God.

Mandy Edwards 2013 ©

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  1. Thank you Frank for posting my poem on your blog. It is lovely to see it here. The love found in friendship is a wonderful thing, be it man and dog ... or with each other. Mandy xx