Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When I Squeak, People Listen!

No one seemed interested in my squeaker blog. How was I to know that large breasts, squeakers, breast inserts, squeaky inserts, etc. etc. were passe? Come on. I'm old and not up on current trends. I had no idea large breasts were of no interest to animal lovers, well except for maybe cow lovers. Oh, this is udderly ridiculous.

Anyway, since last I wrote, I truly am retired...and old. We have grandpets. Pictured is Xena. We watch her sometimes. She is my oldest daughter's dog. Sometimes Xena comes with my actual granddaughter, Anika. This is great fun. We've watched Moo as well. Moo is my youngest daughter's dog. And sometimes, Moo comes with Holly, our other granddaughter.

Watching dogs and grandkids is great. You can walk them both. Buy them things.

Here's the deal, sometimes all I've really got is grandkids and granddogs. I'm happy as heck to sit around the house, petting the dog, or watching the dog, or the grandkids. Life isn't all that complicated,

I got to stop overthinking.

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