Tuesday, September 4, 2012


While walking in the nearby park one morning, I turned off onto a winding side path, the midst hanging close to the side of the hilltop. I rounded a corner, and about 15 feet away, there was a coyote. We have seen coyotes close up before, but never this close. The animal and I saw each other about the same time. I moved forward, with caution, and the coyote growled. I backed up, slowly, and a little frightened.
This is how I work. I figure good intentions make every difference in in life. I want to see things, and sometimes, my good "vibes" do not work.
I used to get into occasional arguments surfing. Never could I let them go. I made every effort to use logic. Hey, we should be having fun, and you shouldn't have cut me off, or I didn't see you, etc. Can't we all just get along? No, I never had a fight on the water, or later on the shore. I did get hit once by a kid at work long ago, who had heard too much of my explanations and attempts to resolve an argument. He slugged me in the face. I turned the other cheek. At the time, I fought regularly at a martial arts academy in San Francisco. It wasn't fear that stopped my hand. It just wasn't worth a battle.
Once, I was dragged into a doorway in San Francisco while hitch-hiking to Berkeley. The muggers pulled a pocket knife on me, and grabbed for my wallet. But no, "Peace, love, be cool man." It was 1970 and I wasn't giving up my five bucks. Like that was "totally uncool" muggers. I got away from these guys, and killing me would have been too much work I expect.
I used to drive a taxi cab in San Diego. I had a few problems, and got scared, but never got hurt, even when I drove the "bad" side of town. (It was so easy to get fares from people other drivers wouldn't serve.)
Once, I tried to calm down a biker with a gun, taking sense to him. I have revisited past battles that involved the potential for violence upon seeing the strangers again.
You know what? I talk to much.
I get too near to coyotes.
I try to work out problems when it seems useless. Violence, poking rattlesnakes with a stick, online spats--doesn't matter. I want to work it out-- I want to know how it works.
But sometimes I just have to shut up. Sometimes I guess people just want a minute to think, or be angry, or even to be unreasonable.
Someday I suppose I will try this method of being.
So far, no one has bothered to kill me, maim me, or even particularly harm me. I've probably been lucky.
I offer next--silence...

Did somebody have a question?

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